“I knew within the first half hour with him that I had finally met someone who not only understood what was going on with my body, but also knew what to do to fix it.”

-- Nancy Grojean  (See also “How Ascending Fitness and Black Mountain Changed My Life”)

“My fitness has improved more in 4 months at Ascending Fitness than during the 2 decades that I spent struggling with other programs. Plus it's fun and I like it!!”

-- Sue Tacktill

“I have worked with many trainers through out the years.  Jim is by far the very best.  He takes the time to get to know your body and develop a routine to strengthen your body without injury. He is professional, courteous and attentive.  I am extremely pleased with my results and would (and have) recommend him to anyone hands down.”

-- Jennifer Levin, Ph.D., CPCC, Director of  Clinical Services for DPS Health, local Founder  

    of Girls on the Run, and owner and life coach for iwillprevail.com

“Although I have worked with elite trainers over the years, none has had a handle on my issues like Jim Frith.  My first session with Jim did wonders.  I actually did not feel stress and pain that had become normal for me.  Then he provided a detailed evaluation that told me what has caused my chronic pains and tightness, how to stay rid of them, and how to make my body function better no matter what I am doing, whether it is running drills for my son’s basketball team or hustling through an airport on business.  Now I can move better, I can sleep more comfortably, I have more strength, and I can easily do things that would probably have injured me in the past.  Jim’s guidance is invaluable.  Before I switched to Jim, I had reached a fitness plateau, and I was almost ready to give up on trainers.  Jim took me to the next level, and I feel great!  I highly recommend Jim to anyone who wants an easier and more reliable path to health and fitness.”

  -- Marc Futterman, President & CEO, CIVIC Technologies, Inc.

“Jim Frith is indeed a master trainer – he has outstanding knowledge of the interactions between exercise and nutrition, and how each can be used to improve health.  Include his excellent coaching and motivational skills, and you’ve got a trainer who can certainly help you reach your fitness, weight loss, or athletic performance goals.  He is also expert in using exercise to prevent  or recover from injury through flexibility, strength, and endurance training.  With Jim, you’ve got a total fitness and health mentor. “

  -- Annette L. Adams, PhD, MPH

“I happily endorse Jim Frith to any patient who

wants to be more fit.  In my 27 years as a

chiropractor, I have never known a trainer with

a better understanding of how to use exercises

to rectify kinetic chain distortions in order to

improve both functional fitness and athletic

performance.  His instruction and guidance has

helped clients to relieve or eliminate low back

pain, to improve posture, balance, and flexibility,

and to gain core strength and stability, all while

shedding unwanted fat. Whatever your goals,

you'll reach them more easily and with more fun

with Jim's help.  Give him a try, you'll be glad you


  -- Martha Palm, D.C.

“I came to Jim Frith because I was desperate! Four years ago I underwent major back surgery where my spine was fused at three levels. As a result the muscles in my legs have been very overused and were tightly knotted. I began having very severe and painful muscle spasms, often waking up 4-5 times a night, sometimes never getting any sleep at all. I tried physical therapy, muscle relaxers and pain meds. Nothing worked.

In just one month working with Jim my leg spasms are gone! I now sleep through the night and my flexibility is dramatically improved. My husband declares this is the best money we have ever spent. Jim Frith’s expertise changed my life!”

  -- Deborah Wood, CEO, Asheville Pregnancy Support Services

"Due to Jim's vast knowledge, expertise, and professionalism, I am in the best shape of my life, and my health at its peak.  He has given me an understanding of what health and fitness really is. Thank you, Jim.”

  -- Edward Stanly, Head Bartender, Grove Park Inn, Asheville NC

Eddie Stanly before (May 2010)   Eddie Stanly 10/2010 (after 5 months)    Eddie in April 2012


“ I had just about given up on ever working out hard again. Up until my mid-Forties I had always exercised enthusiastically and regularly. I started developing neck pain and stiffness as well as lower back pain. Over time it was diagnosed as multi-level cervical problems (arthritis, bulging discs, nerve impingement, etc) and eventually it was all I could do to turn my neck. I declined surgery, got massage and Chiropractic care and along with 4 Alleve a day was able to function and do light cardio. I went through cycles of workout – get hurt, workout- get hurt until I gave up on any truly strenuous exercise. Since starting personal training with Jim Frith, owner of Ascending Fitness, I have made astounding progress and feel better than I have in years and cut my pain and inflammation medicine in half. Jim’s approach to functional strength training focusing on balance, core strength and proper technique is a revelation. If you are looking for ‘adult supervision’ in your training (not some 25 yr old who can’t even spell arthritis) I wholeheartedly recommend Jim!”

--Jim Jones, Co-owner of Greensboro NC’s Bellemeade Development, 55 yrs old and a resident of Black Mountain, NC

I am a busy physician and have let my work get in the way of my overall fitness. When my knees started creaking and I had trouble getting out of a chair without grabbing something I knew it was time to take action. I preach to my patients and now I must live up to my own advice. I did my homework. I wasn't going to go to a gym where I looked like a blob next

to buff bodies and I didn't want a trainer who wouldn't challenge me or adapt to my needs. Jim knows his stuff. He is knowledgeable on physiology and anatomy and puts his training to work in an appropriate manner. He challenged me and pushed me but always in a safe way. I was also impressed with the facility. Jim has all the necessary emergency equipment (like an AED) and keeps the temperature at a comfortable level. The fitness equipment is the best on the market and fun to work with. I can't say enough good things about how he got me back in shape.

-- Leslie A. Smith, M.D.

    Board Certified Internal Medicine, Boone, NC

“There is a serious need for fitness training in this age of obesity and physical dysfunction.   I audited a personal trainer certification class taught by Jim and was thoroughly impressed with his ability to teach and his knowledge of the sciences related to exercise and nutrition.  I highly recommend him to anyone seeking expert guidance in fitness.”

  -- Francis H. George, M.D.

“Jim has been a wonderful source of both inspiration and motivation throughout the time that he has been training me.  It was evident by the end of the initial evaluation session that Jim was uniquely talented in his ability to analyze and rapidly address my physical condition and issues. I have experienced lower back pain for the majority of my adult life. In the span of an hour, Jim was able to identify the source of my pain, treat it immediately and provide instruction on how to effectively address the condition going forward. He has done a tremendous job tailoring workouts to include exercises that are challenging yet at the same time present both a level and intensity that are appropriate for my fitness condition. Under Jim's direction, I have seen a steady decrease in body fat and consistent increases in both stamina and strength. Thanks in large part to Jim's expertise as a master trainer; I am well on the way towards achieving the goals which I've set for myself.” 

-- Eric K. Brumm, Information Services Administrator, City of Glendale, CA.

                             Assistant Scoutmaster, Boy Scouts of America, Troop 4

“I have definitely seen an improvement in strength and

endurance since I have been working out with Jim.  He

customizes the sessions to keep them interesting and

challenging.  Jim is committed to help me achieve my

goals, providing coaching and encouragement on both

fitness and nutrition.  I highly recommend him.”

-- Jill Friedman, CFO for Naked and IZZE Juice, a

   division of Pepsico

“I am working my way back from a long period of inactivity and injury. It’s amazing how muscles respond and your strength resurfaces when you’ve got someone in your corner like Jim. Jim has outstanding knowledge of body mechanics and anatomy in addition to all the things you’ve come to expect from a great trainer – the latest work out strategies, nutrition, psychology and just plain cheerleading/encouragement. I’m a fan!”

-- Holly Martin, RN, MBA, PMP

"Training with Jim has made a huge difference in my life and really turned things around.  I lost 14.6% of my body weight in 12 weeks.  He has trained, inspired and pushed me towards fitness.  I feel so much healthier and happier than I did just a few months ago.  The workout sessions Jim devises are well balanced and challenging.  Not only have I reached a level of fitness I did not think possible but Jim's encyclopedic knowledge of physiology has kept me pain free.  I would highly recommend Jim to any one seeking a personal trainer.  He is the best!" 


-- Katherine Wimmer, President, Wimmer Associates, Pasadena, CA

               Chair of Huntington Memorial Hospital Planned Giving Advisory Council

               Board Member of Bloom Again Foundation

“As a group fitness instructor, I know I must look my best. Unfortunately, the urge & temptation to eat gets the best of me.  My weight spiraled out of control, and I needed help.  Jim’s guidance has been just what I needed.  I got lots of exercise, and he taught me far healthier eating habits, so in 10 weeks I lost 31 pounds.  I can exercise with my clients throughout my classes, then I still have plenty energy for recreational dancing at night. My clothes fit me better, and I feel great!!! :)  With what Jim has taught me, I know that I will keep the weight off this time! I can't thank you enough, Jim! :)"

-- Norma Perez, Certified Group Hip Hop Dance Instructor

“I came to Jim after having lost some weight on my own with diet and moderate exercise. I had definitely hit a plateau.  I really needed to increase my physical activity but I did not want to injure myself in the process.  Jim helped me improve my form and functionality. I have become so much stronger and I carry myself so much better since working with Jim.  Jim helped me reach a comfort level both with exercise and with working out in the gym, which is somewhere I’ve always felt a little awkward. I found Jim to be very supportive of me and my fitness goals.  I really appreciate his follow through on communicating with me both in and out of the gym.  Jim is a real gentleman and it has been a wonderful experience being trained by him.”

-- Melissa Philip, Personal Assistant (lost 21 pounds in 12 weeks)

“Training with Jim was the best decision I ever made!!!  I was amazed how easily and fast he was able to tell me which muscles were overused or too tight just by watching me do a few squats!!!! He is incredible! He helped me change my life!

I am an engineer and like to understand how things work… well Jim is a true mechanic of the body! He has a perfect knowledge of how the body is “assembled” and is able to show you how to improve your muscle usage by removing all the knots you might have, teaching you the appropriate stretches and then improve the strength and flexibility with personalized workouts…

In 5 months, I lost 35 pounds, 5 inches per thigh and 6 inches in the hips…. I am so happy with all the results. My figure has never been so good! Jim helped me “shape” my body and all of this while being supportive and providing a perfect workout as well as great nutritional info and tips. The one thing I loved the most is that if I was doing my stretches correctly after the workouts, I was not sore at all even if I was working really hard! Whenever I had some kind of pain after a workout, Jim would show me additional exercises and stretches to prevent any pain and it always worked!!! I was only sore if I forgot one!!!! 

I loved his professionalism, he was always smiling, always had great suggestions and was very encouraging … I’ve recommended him to some of my coworkers with back pains and flexibility issues and he’s already done wonders with them in just a few sessions and they are totally convinced as I am… I highly recommend Jim if you want to make a real change in your health and fitness, he’s the right one for you!!!! I can’t thank him enough for what he’s helped me to do.  My friends who haven’t seen me since July are amazed of how I look now, I feel so much better and… I love my new abs!!!! Go for it.  You won’t regret it! Jim can do wonders!”

-- Virginie Schaeffer, Process Engineer, Jacob Holm Industries

     Before:  Virginie Shaeffer in July 2010              After:  Virginie Schaeffer in December 2010

“Working with Jim Frith over the last year has been life-changing for me.  My first evaluative session opened a new door of possibilities, when I learned  that his expertise could help

me overcome my life-long struggle with a birth defect, a clubbed foot.  I was challenged daily

with issues of balance due to lack of muscle development and poor mobility in my feet and legs.  Chronic pain in my back, legs, and neck had become the norm, as my body worked daily trying to adjust to its uneven structure.  Fearing I might be facing a future of worse pain and lack of mobility, as I looked towards my "mature years,"  I optimistically started taking private sessions with Jim.

Then, to add to my challenges, a month after meeting Jim, I woke up one morning with an extreme case of vertigo.  This confounding condition immobilized me

for months of mysterious and terrifying symptoms of dizziness, vertigo, and black-outs from the slightest turn or tilt of my head.  At that point, all exercise had stopped, I temporarily became a shut-in, unable to drive, lacking sleep from nights full of vertigo spins, and I was even afraid of walking beyond my own home.  My body locked up into one large fearful knotted muscle, trying to keep my world straight.

Medical doctors diagnosed me with various, and often conflicting, conditions

and eagerly prescribed drugs that numbed my senses and brought little to no

relief of the vertigo.  Then Jim convinced me that his expertise in myofascial release work (MFR) could help, and so began the long, yet miraculous road to recovery. 

The MFR was highly successful.  I went from taking private lessons where Jim directed the

MFR, to taking one of his small group classes that taught me how to apply the MFR techniques myself.  Gradually, over time, regular MFR helped me stabilize.  I stopped taking the prescribed drugs and was able to return to exercise.  I attended the small group exercise classes at Ascending Fitness and Jim adjusted exercises to accommodate my physical limitations.  We also continued private sessions to work out the many knots and pains that persisted. 

Now, one year later, I can say that the vertigo is

a thing of the past and my balance and core

strength have reached unheard of levels in the

history of my body.  Pain is no longer a chronic

state, but an occasional message to me that I need

to work out a specific muscle knot, and I now know

just what to do to remedy the situation.  I have

learned invaluable tools for taking care of myself

with myofascial release techniques that will be with

me for the rest of my life. I have learned safe,  easily

approachable and reliable exercises that

strengthened my core, and revitalized my energy.   I have reclaimed my life, and I am indebted to Jim for helping launch me into, what I believe will be, the best years of my life!”

-- Laura Facciponti Bond,  Professor and Drama Department Chair, University of North Carolina, Asheville Campus

“Jim provides cutting edge training while reducing the risk of injury. In the 6 months we have

been training with Jim, my husband Richard has lost over 30 pounds, and I have lost 10.  We

gained muscle strength, improved stamina, and gained energy.  Richard no longer has shortness of breath or sleep apnea. Jim taught him how to stop muscle pains and cramps that he had long suffered from.  Richard has regained some of his lost height due to the elimination of knots that were hurting his posture.  Our balance and stability are better. Jim changes the exercises frequently, keeping the workouts interesting, and working all muscle groups. I eagerly look forward to each class.”

-- Cheryl Fernandez, retired Registered Nurse

Contact Jim at jim@ascendingfitness.com or call him directly at 828-707-3798

Testimonials for Ascending Fitness’s owner, Jim Frith